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The Sylvia Lake Association's Water Quality Committee been involved with the following tests and assessments:

More about the Adirondack Lake Assessment Program

Click here to go to the ALAP report page.

Watch the Sylvia Lake ALAP movie.

Bacteriological Testing Report;  We only tested for e-coli bacteria in our lake. E-Coli does not naturally occur and is the State's marker for contamination from septic systems. In the 12 different locations that were tested, the e-coli levels were generally less than 1 unit /100ml., which is very good for our lake.

2016 September Water Report

2016 July, Water Report

2015 June August

2014 June   August   September

2014 Water Testing - 8/6/14

2014 Water Testing - 6/27/14

2013 Adirondack Lake Assessment (ALAP)

2013 Water Testing Report 6/21/13

2012 Adirondack Lake Assessment,(ALAP)

2011 Adirondack Lake Assessment (ALAP)

2010 Adirondack Lake Assessment (ALAP)

2009 Adirondack Lake Assessment (ALAP)

2009 Water Quality Report