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2015 Association Dues

Ice Out - April 15, 2015
(same date as last year)




Ice Out was April 15 - Ameillia Lacks, Lynn Allen &
Sue Wixted are the winners of an official 2015 Ice Out mug!


Attention to residents of Old Beach & Wintergreen Bay Rd.
Our road is in dire need of work this spring!!

My brother is able to do this job for us if we can pool our money for this effort! Let's get it started and I'd also like to see us establish a road fund for the future years. You can email us at if you want more info. (sent by Mike and Jodi Hatch)

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Question: What level of e.coli is acceptable?

Sylvia Lake Notecards
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The History and Status of Milfoil in Sylvia Lake







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