Theo has a BLAST at the 2004 Gouverneur Winter Blast



Hi everyone!

My name is Theodosius. (Thee-O-Doh-Sus) You can call me Theo for short. I was named for a famous person. His name was Theodosius O. Fowler. Theodosius's father was also named Theodosius. Even though he was born in New York City, he was one of the first people to build a home on Sylvia Lake.

You can read about him, and his wife Sylvia, here on this website.
Click here to learn how Sylvia Lake was named.

Here I am on a bright, sunny day at the lake. It's really cold, but I've got a warm hat and scarf.


Here's a picture of me and my friend Becky the beaver. Last fall, we had some problems with her friends, the other beavers. Their dams made the water in Sylvia Lake really high. It covered people's docks and everyone was worried about damage from ice.

But some of my friends tried to persuade Becky's friends to make smaller dams.

Click here to see
how they persuaded them.

Becky's beaver friends
have vowed revenge.



I heard there was a problem with tent caterpillars. I'm armed with a new fly swatter to help the cause.

Click here to read about tent caterpillars.

Some of the Sylvia Lake residents are going to a meeting about these creatures in on April 3, 2004. See the agenda.



Here's a picture of the enemy.

I am so beary proud to be part of the neighborhood watch group at Sylvia.
Just this weekend Bill and Johanna deLorraine reported hearing running water at Jerry and Jenny Lynn's camp while they were out cross country skiing. Phone calls were made and hopefully any damage caused by the extreme cold was minimal.

On Sunday, January 18th, it was a balmy 30 degrees. I decided to inspect our progress in the effort to lower the lake level.

fence sit

Early in the winter,
I was beary pleasantly surprised to discover a nice flow at the dam. The outlet is still open in spite of minus 20 degree temperatures.


Congratulations to the 2003 Dam/Beaver committee for meeting their goal. I know they will keep an eye on the situation to try to create an acceptable level for Spring.

Bear-O-Metric calculations are that 41 million gallons of water have been released from the lake.

by water

Another surprise (Bill deLorraine might have been too, considering he was X-country skiing on the lake just 400 yards away) with the amount of open water down stream from the dam. The current and the apparently warmer lake water, kept the stream flowing despite three days of sub zero temperatures.

The official water level at the outlet is 20.75 inches. The depth has dropped 10 and one quarter inches since the big boom and the water is still flowing.



It's been so much fun to visit some of my favorite places on Sylvia Lake. It was a long day. I even split wood so I could keep beary warm. The sun is setting now so it's time to have one last slide. I'll be making plans for more adventures in the Winter Wonderland at Sylvia.

Will I see you in my travels around the lake? Check out my adventures at the Gouverneur Winter Blast!