PhotoAlbum Would you like to submit photos
for the Sylvia Lake Photo Gallery?

Thank you for wanting to share your memories with the Sylvia Lake online community. There are some technical issues to consider when putting photos and graphics on the Internet. And, there are some website space issues which means there are limits on how many pictures each camp/home can post.


    1. Each gallery page will be limited to no more than 10 photos per camp/home.
    2. Pictures must be in JPEG format and be no larger than 5mg each.
      (Don't have a clue what I'm talking about? Click here for a brief tutorial.)
    3. Attach the digital pictures to an email and send them to Shari (AKA:Sylvia)
    4. In the email, don't forget to give me a title for the album and a title for each picture.


If you want pictures scanned but don't have a scanner, I can scan them.
You will have to send the pictures to me by mail or give them to me in person and I will get them back to you.

Click here to send an email to request the snail mail address.