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Sylvia Lake Lore

Sometime between 1814 and 1830, Lake Killarney was named Sylvia Lake, after a young woman named Sylvia DePau. There are many versions of how Sylvia Lake was named. Over the years, other lake stories have been told, retold, and new ones added. In writing the stories here, I had the help of two older print resources. (and some long-time lake residents)

Sylvia lake Book

This book above was updated in 2007.
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The Stories

Who was Sylvia Lake?- The mystery and the facts about Sylvia Lake's name-sake.

The REAL Theodosius Oliver Fowler - All about the real person who was the first to live at Sylvia Lake.

Theodosius Bear- Theodosius is named for Theodosius O. Fowler, one of the first residents of Sylvia Lake. Theo is involved in all the activities on the lake.

Sylvia Lake Hotel- In its heyday, the Sylvia Lake Hotel drew visitors from all over. Now that it is gone, we can only imagine the sounds of jazz and laughter that floated over the lake on a summer's night.

Sylvia Lake Sea Monster- Almost every deep, deep body of water has stories of a "sea monster." Sylvia Lake has one documented tale that dates back to 1916.

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Sylvia Lake booklet