3Pines Three Pines Camp morning moon

Three Pines Camp is owned by Susan Ricks. It was formerly owned by her mother, Irene Glasford. Located immediately on the town beach, it is one of the oldest camps on the entire lake.  The Three Pines refer to the two large pines located on the lake front and the "extremely" large pine in the middle of the yard...all of which loom prominently among the trees on the beach pennisula.

Snapshots from
the Laverghetta and Ricks Family
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The Laverghetta's take a walk...06/11/07


Arriving at Susan Ricks' Three Pines Camp

Megan, Susan, Heather Ricks and Tom
and Renee Laverghetta at 3 Pines Camp

Megan and Heather Ricks
and Renee Laverghetta on the Dock

How many kids can you fit on a stump?

Ricks and Laverghettas
at 3 Pines Camp 1997

Thomas Takes a Walk in the Woods

Thomas loves Campfires at the Lake

Tom Laverghetta Looking
Over the Old Beach Camps

Tom, Francesca, Thomas and
Samuel on the Beach Dock in May




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