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In a lake environment, people live side by side with a variety of critters. They can be pests or they can be our friends.

A critter that might seem friendly and interesting to one person, can be another person's nightmare.

Bears, spiders, snakes, biting flies, caterpillars, beavers, geese droppings and even invasive plants are all part of the natural ecosystem at Sylvia Lake. We ALL live it or not.

These Internet resources will be a start to a better understanding of how we can live side by side with some less-than-desirable critters.



Beaver- Multimedia reports from 2003.

Caterpillars- Our encounters and resources

Bears- Preventing encounters with Sylvia's bears.

Bird feeders- They attract the bears.

Snakes- A quick guide to snakes in NNY.

Canada Geese- Dealing with nuisance geese.

Biting Flies- Black flies/ May flies / Deer flies

Spiders- Info from the Back Yard Naturalist

The Plant Kingdom


special Features pages