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Guidelines: I'll gladly post messages from anyone who has a direct association with Sylvia Lake... that is, property owners or property stakeholders. No ads will be posted for commercial businesses or for people seeking to generate business from our property owners (unless these business owners have property here.)

Rentals may not be totally up to date. I post info as people send it to me. This website is not affiliated with any Realtor site. It is strictly a community bulletin board, posting messages from Sylvia Lakers only.

Looking for a Rental!

My husband, our three children, and I are looking to rent a camp on Sylvia lake from August 11-17th of 2018. We have no pets and do not smoke. We have a lot of family up that week staying at our Neuroth camp.

We just need our own space because there are too many people at our current camp that week.

Thank you, Stephanie 203-687-9337


My husband is turning 40 next year and he has a lot of friends and family with Camps on Sylvia lake. My family and I are looking to rent one, possibly two camps next summer for the week of June 30th - July 9th, 2018. We are looking for a minimum of three bedrooms to sleep at least 6 adults and 2 kids. If we end up doing a second camp that one could have only 2 bedrooms and ideally if we do two camps would like to have them close to each other.

If you have a camp or know of anyone looking to rent their camp we would LOVE to speak with you.

Kira Woods: kira82@mac.com

- A Handy & Hard Working Person
Wanted -

Yard work. Interior/exterior painting.
Teens welcome to apply.

6 East Shore Road

Send an Email: Jennylynnstudio@yahoo.com


Not the actual handyman/woman

Wood Frame - Two Person Kayak

We have a two person kayak.
Wood frame needs recanvasing.

Yours if you want it!

Contact: Kelloggbirney@gmail.com


CAMP CLEANING by Linda Scott

Need someone to open your camp? Need a hand with cleaning? Call or email Linda Scott. Call - 287-0440 or click here to e-mail her at gpscott4@verizon.net









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