Minutes from Sylvia Lake Association Meeting

August 27, 2004

President Gale Ferguson called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm. More than 30 members attended.  Betsy Kalina read the minutes of the spring meeting. Corrections were made, and Faye Lockwood made a motion to approve the minutes as amended.  Kelly Lacks seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.

Mona Allen gave the treasurer’s report and itemized income and all expenses.

General Fund Balance as of 6/18
Dues  & Income collected
Interest Paid

(Water testing, t-shirts, House-tour tickets & picnic)

Balance of Gen Fund as of 8/27
SWAT  Fund Balance (8/27)
Book Fund Balance (donation-Dickson Family)
Final Balance 8/27/04

A motion was made by Kelly Lacks to accept the treasurer’s report.  Mrs. Dodds seconded the motion and the report was approved.

Lea Dickson reported that the Tour de Camps was successful. At least 26 people took the tour. Mary Jo Whalen and Olive Horning had sign-ins for their guests. Shari Barnhart made (free) folders for the event, and her efforts were greatly appreciated. Quilt tickets were sold by Lea, for the drawing to be held at the upcoming concert tomorrow night on the Lake.

Jeanette Perry commented that Ralph Undercoffler had 25 attend for the boating course. Many calls were received inquiring about the class.  Thank you Ralph & congratulations to all of the successful boaters.

The water level at the outlet is quite good.  Gale said that the town of Fowler needs to clean out the culvert to keep the flow.  He also reports that Gary Scott will be picking out a work date soon.  Don’t forget we need help with this.

Gale also reported on the water testing results in detail.  The Lake is in great shape, and the cleanest spot is out in the center.   A discussion took place with suggestions from several members--We need to be cautious with Septic systems and report any neighbors that are having obvious problems.

A camper reported that one of her guests had become ill with Giardia  (commonly known as ‘Beaver Fever’—a bacteria carried by beaver).  She confirms that the child may have contacted the illness elsewhere, but she wanted us to be aware of both the symptoms, and the possibility that the parasite may be in Sylvia Lake.  Symptoms include diarrhea, and severe stomach pains.  New resident Rob Meyer is a pharmacist and he described the treatment required.  (Thanks Rob and welcome to the neighborhood!)

Mary Jo Whalen related that anything containing phosphorus should be avoided.  We need to be very careful with shampoos and soaps near the lake.

Ernie Hutt asked if on-site inspections of Septic systems could be possible.  Gale Ferguson answered that if a complaint is made that the inspectors would come. (Betty Shrewsbury is the code enforcer for the town of Fowler.)

Lea Dickson reported on the 911 Committee.  Signs are still not up yet; Joe lacks is ordering them.  Driveway signs need to be reflective and at least 3” high.  He felt there would be consistency if he ordered them all the same.  A discussion followed as to the pros and cons of making the signs for each road the same.  A sector map for each road is necessary.  The committee will determine the priorities and do a step-by-step process of  how to formulate a plan.  The proposition will then be presented to the Association for approval.  Kelly Lacks explained some of Joe’s ideas and hopefully the 911 Mission statement will be completed.  Everyone is reminded to take off the ‘old-4 digit numbers’ and replace them with the new 911 address numbers, on all of their individual camps and private bills.

Andy Leonard gave the boat parade results.  Voting was held at the picnic to get more people involved.  He reported a great turnout with 9 entries and one ‘no-start’ entry from the Putman camp. 

We were reminded to get forms from Katie Pistolesi for the new Sylvia Lake book entries.  Please turn them in to Jeanette Perry as soon as possible. Forms are also available on the website.

A new t-shirt design is in progress (Joleen Kraker and Linda Undercoffler). Faye Lockwood bought the last shirt from our old design. Close to 400 had been sold to benefit the Lake Association. Thanks Fergie!

A discussion took place regarding the possibility of having a new calendar printed. Faye Lockwood will contact Linda & Lynn French to assist.  We sold around 150 of the 2004 version.

The quilt drawing will be held at the ‘Northbound’ concert. Thanks to Maria McGrath for her work of art and generosity.             

Milfoil is growing rapidly and our biggest challenge. A discussion took place on possible courses of action. Gale has a map of the hot spots to be picked.  Watch for posters as to when we will need help in the cleanup. 

Betsy Kalina made a motion to pay Shari $300.00 for the Web-site posting. Shari has bought all of the software and needs help to defray the costs involved.  Kelly Lacks seconded and all approved the payment.  We also all again thanked Shari for our FANTASTIC   ‘Sylvia Lake.org’.

The election of officers followed, with a motion to expand the slate to include a ‘president elect’ position. Anne VanSlyke made a motion to amend Article IV of the SL Constitution, to include that position.  This will be a one year position, with the president elect assuming the presidency after the year’s end.  During that year, the president elect is to aide the president and learns the process of the office.  Dorothy Dodds seconded the motion and the results are as follows:

    • President – Gale Ferguson
    • President elect – Lea Dickson
    • Vice President – Jeanette Perry
    • Secretary – Betsy Kalina
    • Treasurer – Mona Allen

Randy Gadbaw was checking on new directors for the Board.  Thank you Anne VanSlyke, Randy Gadbaw and Katie Pistolesi for serving as our nominating committee.  A discussion followed as to the difficulty in filling these positions.  It is helpful to have someone local as opposed to a weekend /camp resident only.  Certainly, a board member could be non-local however, if a person were willing and interested.  Everyone is welcome to help and serve.

A new discussion followed concerning the Canadian geese.  Mr. Lockwood asks that no one feed them, as they can be a nuisance.

Mona asked about tent-caterpillars and the possible need for further spraying. Nobody knows what next spring will bring.

The meeting was closed with a motion to adjourn by Betsy Kalina, seconded by David McGrath. 

Minutes by Betsy K.