Minutes from Sylvia Lake Association Meeting

June 18, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by President Gale Ferguson. 33 Residents attended including Mr. Chris Downs, a gentleman hoping to buy property on the lake. Jeanette Perry read the minutes of the last meeting. Dave Lockwood made a motion to accept the minutes and Dave McGrath seconded. The minutes were approved as read.

Gale Ferguson reviewed information from the last executive meeting. Jeanette read the minutes so everyone would know the topics discussed. The executive meeting was called to handle the tent caterpillar invasion and spraying. Gale also summarized the information from the caterpillar meeting held at the Elks Club. Gale explained that we were lucky to have Jeff Duflo spray for us at approximately $15.00/acre. (Lake Bonaparte paid $20.00/acre.) $8,670 was collected from 90 families on our Lake.  This was a fantastic show of support, and we are seeing great results. We paid Duflo $6,000.00 for spraying roughly 400 acres at Sylvia Lake.

A Baltimore Oriole was spotted. They are known to feed on tent caterpillars. A Cuckoo was also spotted, also known to eat the tent caterpillars.

Jeanette Perry read the Treasurer’s report as Mona was absent. The present balance is $4,553.02.  Faye Lockwood made a motion to accept the report. Joanne Orford seconded. The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Flares are available for $2.00 apiece. The plan is to light them at 9:30 pm July 4th, to light up the Lake.  Flares are available through Gale Ferguson @ Ferguson Printing.  (315-287-1950)  Additional Sylvia Lake T-shirts are available at $8.00 and 2004 Sylvia Lake Calendars are $16.95 each. Contact Gale.

A discussion followed regarding the extra money in the SWAT fund. Gale said that the fund  disbursement should be handled by the  Board of Directors. It could possibly be used for the 911 fund toward safety or be held to be used for future spraying, as needed, or pest control.

The website can be used to update information. Our secretary, Betsy Kalina, would like phone numbers to put in the membership database. The numbers would be used only in cases of emergency, and available only to the Lake officers if needed. 

Gary Scott and Bill DeLorraine were thanked for their help with the beaver dam.  We all must keep an eye on the situation. The flow is presently at 5 ½’’. We need young people with chain saws to help. Gary suggested putting up notices or putting a memo on the website to solicit some help from our young people. This is a big job and more help is needed.

The web site is impressive. Our thanks to Shari Barnhart for her excellent job and good taste. Everyone should visit www.SylviaLake.org and feel free to say thanks to Shari for her great presentation. 

Dues were discussed. Some have come by mail, but it was decided that going door-to-door, as in the past, brings better results. The areas will be covered as follows and thank you to our volunteers:

      • Joanne Orford -- North Shore
      • Katie Pistolesi -- Mansion Ground Rd.
      • Faye Lockwood -- Indian Head Road
      • (volunteer needed) -- East Shore Road
      • Kelly Lacks ------West Shore Road
      • (volunteer needed) -- Wintergreen Bay
      • Shari Barnhart  --Hotel Road

Note that volunteers are still needed for East Shore Rd. and Wintergreen Bay.

The 2004 Newsletter was reviewed and discussed.
The Boating Course is a MUST for anyone on a jet-ski. A discussion was held in regards to jet skis of people visiting the Lake (non-residents).

A 911 report (link downloads the Acrobat-pdf report document) and discussion was led by ‘Fireman Joe’ Lacks. Committee members are Lea Dickson and Roy Smith. They are seeking help from residents for emergency situations. Any ideas are welcome. (The recent fire at the Harland Brown camp would have been put out much sooner, had the trucks been sent to the correct address.) It is very important that all residents make sure that 911 has the correct address to match your phone number.  We need:

      • New numbers/not the old 4 digit numbers
      • Better identification for roads
      • Updated road maps with correct names
      • Numbers on each residence- at least 2” high and preferably reflective material
      • New reflective road signs for each road
      • Keep roads open and possibly widened so fire trucks can get through.

Gale Ferguson and John Pistolesi walked the trails to investigate possible improvements.
These changes would all increase response time to an emergency. The 911 Committee should meet annually to review the process and make sure everything is up to par. We don’t want this to be mandatory, but would like everyone to participate for safety. We should try to get this all done with an August goal as our deadline.

Thank you Lea Dickson for taking pictures of the DEC man stocking our lake. The State identifies fish for various lakes. Lea and Shari are trying to find out why NY State only stocks Sylvia Lake with Rainbow Trout.

Gale Ferguson announced the new directors:
David Mc.Grath, Lea Dickson, Faye Hopper, Alex Perry, Steve Scott, and Donna Besaw (past president).

There will be a wedding June 19th. @2:00 pm.  Ferg asked that jet skis stay clear of Wintergreen Bay.

West Shore resident Carl Colton brought up a discussion on Fowler taxes, and assessments. He has facts and figures for anyone interested.

Faye and Dave Lockwood questioned if we could have everyone test their septic systems with a dye test. Gale says we can’t force residents to do so, but we could possibly offer to have a test kit available. Public health can be contacted and Gale volunteered Betsy to handle this.  She’ll put the information on the web site.

Faye wanted a copy of the Sylvia Lake By-laws. Updated copies are available from Gale Ferguson.

A discussion was held regarding rock removal on Pumphouse Road.  Is any maintenance available from Fowler?  Who owns the road?…a common question around the lake.

Carl Colton is looking for GPS experts to help with the divers at Sylvia Lake. 

Lea Dickson contacted Cabin Life Magazine because they had published an offer to provide copies of their magazine to lake association members. Lea gave all in attendance a copy of Cabin Life, and held a drawing for a year’s subscription, provided by the publisher. The winner was Maria McGrath of Mansion Ground Rd.

A 5’ section of dock was found w/o floatation. Call Gale if you think it may be yours.

Shari has a new bulletin board on the Sylvia Lake web site.  Feel free to check it out and ask any questions.

All members present at meeting would like to see another concert or two. Gale has $250.00 and income from the sale of July 4th flares for that purpose. Jeanette Perry made a motion to apply $450.00 for a concert this summer, Kelly Lacks seconded and the motion carried.  Information will be posted on each road and on the web, as the plans are made.

Thank you to the Dickson family, (Jeff, Greg and Lea) for their contribution in their parent's name (Norinne and Andrew) toward the project to update the Sylvia Lake book.

The Force family has once again donated the trophies for the Charlie Ferguson Fishing Derby which will be held on July 3-4, 2004. Thanks to the Force family for their generosity.

Gale thanked everyone for their help during the winter months and hopes everyone has a great summer. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm., with a reminder to encourage your neighbors to pay their dues.

Notes by Maria McGrath
Transcribed by Betsy Kalina