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Annual Nori Grout Memorial Sailing Regatta III

Nori Grout

The Annual Nori Grout Memorial Regatta starts near Indian Head at 2:00pm on the first Sunday in August. Sailors should register at the committee boat by 1:45.

The starting line will be between the committee boat and start buoy. A horn will be used to initiate the race. There will also be a horn signal five minutes, four minutes and one minute prior to starting the race. All sailers must be behind the starting line when the final (fourth) horn signal is blown. If a sailor crosses the line early they must sail back around the buoy and begin again.

The course will involve sailing around three buoys set in a triangular pattern on the lake. The first buoy will be near the Old Beach; the second near the old hotel; and the third near Parkers Bay. Boats will then sail to the finish line near Indian head and cross between the committee boat and the buoy.

If a boat hits a buoy the sailor must go back around the buoy to clear it the second time. All sailors must wear a flotation device; boats on a starboard tack have the right of way, and there shall be no collisions with other boats.


2017 Photos by Caroline Sprague 


We had another Great Race this year!

It was fun indeed! The weather even cooperated for the race. Sandy Kraker won in his Hobie Cat. Greg Force was second. Emily Grout Sprague captained the third place winner, with her sister Andrea Grout as crew. Tricia Grout Garrett, with Margie Grout Gallagher as Crew was fourth. And the Robles were fifth. The Pistolesi boat and Peter Henry sailed along with us, though they didn't race.


2017 Regatta Results

1st place: Sandy Kraker
2nd place: Greg Force
3rd place: Emily Sprague & Andrea Grout
4th place: Tricia Grout Garrett & Margie Grout Gallagher
5th place: The Robles


2016 Regatta Results

1st place: Greg Force
2nd place: Sandy Kraker
3rd place: Emily Sprague
Commodore: Don Grout

Valiant efforts from the Jackson, Garrett, O'Shaughnessy, and Robles boats!
Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered!


2015 Regatta Results

1st place: Dylan Dean (Cook/Dean/Bigarel Camp)
2nd place: Emily Grout Sprague, Tricia Grout Garnnett
3rd place: Laurie Orford Harter, Jimmy Harter
Honorable Mention: Mike Jent, Greg Force, Joe Pistolesi, Grace Cummings, Corinne LaPierre



The following article came from the first Sylvia Lake Book - published in 1980.