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Message in a Bottle - A Hopper Family Mystery

I received the first installment of this story from Elaine Hopper on August 26, 2013.
Come back to see what happens as the story develops.

Episode One

Al Hopper, (Indian Head Trail) found an old clear glass bottle in the lake, about 20 feet from the shore of the cabin, on Saturday, August 24, 2013. It was corked and there was a piece of newspaper with a hand written message on it.

They uncorked it yesterday.

The paper was wet in the bottle and very thin. They are letting it dry first in the bottle before trying to get the paper out. The only handwritten part that can be read so far is “Who ever.”

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August 31, 2013

The newspaper is still stuck in the bottle. I used a hairdryer on cool and low to try and move the paper off of the inside of the bottle but it didn't work. Al doesn't want to break the bottle to get to the paper. Any suggestions?