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july 4th

It was a great summertime weekend that started on a Thursday!

Thank you to the Link family for sharing Steve Crumb and his music.

Thank you to the Hopper family for providing the largest
of the many light shows on the lake on Independence Day.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a festive one.

Thank you, too, to the volunteers who worked on cleaning the outlet
and turning the milfoil mats. Your effort was much appreciated.

And thank you, Gale Ferguson, for sending these photos of the many activities.

Weekend Projects

turning mats

July 5 - 6 The Charlie Ferguson Memorial Fishing Derby
youngest largest rock
Youngest Fisherman - Trent Roberts Largest Rock Bass - Claire Mannahan

Largest Small Mouth Bass - Danny Riley - 21" - 5#

Best Fish Story - Louden Porter

Most Dedicated Fisher - Hillary Cook

family fishing dock fishing
largest Largmouth Bass largest lake trout
Largest Largemouth Bass - Wyatt Porter Largest Lake Trout - Danielle Syrek
most rock bass
Most Rock Bass / Jones Camp
Katie Peck
One of 4 Trophy (20"+)
small mouth entered

Saturday, July 6 - Summer Concert on the Water
concert2 concert3