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May 26, 2016 - I received a message from Leon Richardson saying, "Bought one last night at auction iin Schenectady, NY area. Fowler version.



July 29, 2012
Message from Rob Meyer...

Shari, this was found today underneath a stump we pulled out on our beach today. It was feet from a spring and hand pump several camps use to get water from.

I've heard several references to the spring, but never any reference to ADK Spring Water or Bottling? I'm unable to find any records through basic online searches either. Another one of these must be on someone's shelf somewhere around the lake?

Does anyone know the history surrounding?

So how about it? Anyone know anything about this?

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AUGUST 7, 2012

When a tree destroyed an old outhouse behind my brother's cottage a few years ago I found three "Adirondack Spring Water" bottles buried in the dirt. The original cottage on this property was owned by David Hood of Fowler and burned to the ground in 1942 along with the cottage on our property and damaged the original Jackson cottage.

The 1980's Sylvia Lake book on page 131 tells about the Hood camp and "Adirondack Spring Water."


The conversation on the Sylvia Lake Facebook group went like this:

Connie Spilman Stowell:
Wow what a find

Shari Barnhart:
Lea did a search for Adirondack Water, she's really good at finding obscure stuff on the web... But, nothing. Not even on eBay. Maybe the Fowler Historian might shed some light?

Rob Meyer:
It was made by Reed Glass Works out of Rochester I figured out, it also has a D. HOOD on the bottom, I'm not sure if this is Hood Dairy? Probably made between 1920 to 1950 at latest, still can't link it to Fowler, the lake, or the exact year. Why use Fowler?, no one has heard of it, it's not in the Adirondacks even, so that has me kinda curious

W Joseph Lacks:

Kelley Lacks:
Looks like Hood on the bottom of the bottle.

Rob Meyer:
The Hood thing is what I can't figure out

Cindy Reilly Gadbaw:
We have one too

W Joseph Lacks:
must be more out there.

Shari Barnhart:
Sonny Goodison wrote that he had a couple, one in good condition.

Shari Barnhart:
Sonny dropped by today to show me the bottles he had. One of them was labeled "Adirondack Spring Water / Gouverneur, NY" instead of Fowler. He heard from a local source that the "D.Hood" on the bottom of the bottle is the name of the person who made the glass bottles. I'll post some photos on the website...

Rob Meyer:
Ok that's interesting, the one I have says D. Hood on it, but it has fine seams running top to bottom which would make it machine made, and date it from 20s to 50s(I think) Mine has an "R" with a Triangle around it next to the "D Hood", this "R" is definetely the Trademark of Reed Glass Works out of Rochester. My theory, is this was made by Reed Glass Works for a "D.Hood" which was the bottler and distributor, and possibly the bottles were delivered and returned to D. Hood, and rebottled like milk was back then, they are very heavy. Total guess though

W Joseph Lacks:
good research Rob. hope we can find some more bottles.