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Milfoil Abatement - 2011

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'11 Milfoil effort on South Shore
The barrier mats were moved and many helped "harvest" milfoil on Sunday, 8/7/11.
Thanks to Gale Ferguson for the photos and to all of the volunteers.

There were lakers on boats on the surface scooping up milfoil:
Gale Ferguson, Henry Viola & Ed Gillett, Martha Dodds Anderson, Dorothy Anderson, Jane Dodds, George Dodds, Joline Hemminger, Ralph Undercoffler & Joe Reilly

There were divers in the water:

Sandy Kraker, Larry Kraker, Alex Dodds, Dave Anderson, Colton Anderson and Wilson Anderson

Thank you, also to the folks who helped during the September mat movement:
Gale Ferguson, Sandy Kraker, Mark Scott, Chris Scott, George Dodds and Liz Dodds