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Saturday, August 21, 2010

August, 2010. Rainy day benthic barrier mat moving day. Thanks to SLA President Sandy Kraker for organizing the event, to Gale Ferguson for providing his boat and documenting the activity with these photographs. And also our gratitute to Evan Kraker, Mark Scott, Alex Carpenter, Roger Miller for their work on our behalf.


The Sylvia Lake Board and Dave McGrath, in particular, should be commended for the idea and follow through in placing trash cans at the boat launch.

They're working! The area looks much better.

Our amazing ecosystem -
cedars survive without soil.

The Buoys...

Buoys were placed to mark the area where all four of the mats were placed to treat an aggressive milfoil growth.

All were placed in the shallow area to the left of Stacy's.

Boaters are asked to avoid entering the area as their props would cut and spread the weeds.

Alex Carpenter, Evan Kraker & Roger Miller muscle the mats into place.

Evan Kraker and Mark Scott guide the mat onto the boat for the move. Sandy exits the wetsuit. Placing the mats.

Ferg's boat gets a cleaning.

Job well done...