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The Kraker Boys Fly High

Summer, 2010

Do you remember seeing a strange bird over Sylvia Lake this summer? Too big for a seagull, too small (apparently) for a plane... but not too small for a Kolb Twin Star Mark III - like this:

To get a feel for what it is like from the cockpit of this little plane, click the links below for a "birds' eye" view of Sylvia with Larry Kraker at the controls and brother Sandy shooting video:

This footage from Larry's Light Sport airplane—a Kolb Twin Star Mark III w/ Full Lotus Mono Float, includes taking off on the lake—a bird's eye view of Sylvia Lake and the surrounding area as well as skimming along Trout Lake.

Be back next summer and Larry will trade a ride in exchange for gas (high Octane at Tripp's)… "Just kidding, he'll do it for the rush…" (...brother Sandy says)

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