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28th Annual

Photos and Results sent by Gale Ferguson

Most Rock Bass

--- The Dick & Dawn French Camp with 112
--- Bresett Camp with 100
--- Truax 68
--- Hoppers 57
--- Others for a total of 538 fish.

Largest Largemouth Bass --- Cody Burns - a beautiful 21" entry - over 5 lbs.
Largest Smallouth Bass --- Matthew Bresett - a nice 15" trophy
Largest Rock Bass --- Caleb Bresett
Largest Panfish --- a 10.5 Inch Rock Bass caught by Caleb Bresett
Youngest Participant --- Nara Roberts

cody nara
Cody Burns
Largest Smallmouth Bass
Nara Roberts
Youngest Participant

caleb Forces
Caleb Bresett
Largest Rock Bass
Debbie and Ralph Force with Gale Ferguson
The Force family provides trophies each year.

fish sorters watercolor
Fish sorters working at the Ferguson dock. This year, the certificates included this beautiful
watercolor of the Ferguson camp done by
artist Karen Kobler. (click here for a closer look)

smallmouth drtruax
Nice smallmouth - Fish Counters Dr. Truax and friend bring in a catch.

jeff lacy

Once again, the lake community is grateful to the Ferguson family for organizing and supporting this event. All Rock Bass winnings come from Gale's personal "loose change" fund.

And continued Thank You's to the Force family who provide trophies and contribute so much to this Sylvia Lake tradition.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

July, 2010

Jeff Lacy also caught a trophy largemouth (20")