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Forget sea monsters... we have a TURTLE!

July 30, 2009 : Email from Marie Sullivan... These turtle shots were taken by Christina DeVries and were shot off the dock at Judy and Clyde Butz camp. (formerly Elsie Tyler's place)

Marie writes: "I am forwarding some pictures of a turtle that the DeVries saw (actually tried to eat their fish tied to their boat) over by Judy Butz's dock (previously Elsie Tyler's) about a week or so ago."

Has anyone else seen this turtle? Anyone want to name it? Click to send email to Sylvia Online...

August 3, 2009 : Email from Amy Undercoffler... "I saw this turtle (or one very similar to it!) two mornings in a row last summer (in late June) off the end of the dock at Wormwood Scrubs. It was huge!"

August 19, 2009 : Josh Hayden writes... "We saw this turtle off the dock at the Jacksons camp on Monday 8/17/09."

August 24, 2009 : Emily Sprague write..."We have seen a monster turtle too, at the opposite end of the lake. I will forward a couple of photos of it, though I wish there was something to give its size a point of reference."

This guy surfaced just moments after the kids got out of the water! Yikes. It is difficult to tell just how large he (she?) really is because there is no frame of reference. His head was at least the size of my fist, possibly bigger. I was glad the kids and camera were with me or I would have wondered if I was seeing things. There was a large turtle at our end of the lake who favored the reef and preyed on the trout on our stringers back when we were kids. I wonder if this is an heir or relative or even the same creature!

Photo of the Prehistoric-looking turtle sent by Emily Sprague (August 25, 2009)


"His/her head was at least the size of my fist..."

Photos of the (a) Sylvia Lake Turtle sent by Marie Sullivan (July 30, 2009)
turtle turtle
turtle turtle
turtle turtle