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(Thanks to all photographers for sending these visual updates... especially Ferg.)
April 3: "Lake looks 90% open..."

April 2: Email from Gale Ferguson:

Pretty Cool watching the ice pile up on the Island as chunks break away from the main lake and float down through. The ice piled on the Island was all gone this morning (Thurs April 2) and about 20 percent of the lake was open.



April 1, 2009 - Sent from Gale Ferguson




Gale Ferguson catches up on his reading and works on his tan
while waiting for the ice to go out and trout season to open.

Mar 24

March 12

March 12, from Gale Ferguson... "With the high temps (45) & high winds (50+) there was some open water last night. It was frozen back over this morning & supposed to be 5 degrees tonight but I would advise anyone to use extreme caution from now til ice out."


March 9 - Sue Emrich
island sunset
The Island - March 5 - Ferg Icy Sunset - March 5 - Ferg
openwater march
Open water above the dam - March 5 - Ferg March 5 - Ferg