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At the August 22, 2008 Sylvia Lake Association meeting, those present voted to make five revisions to the SLA Constitution. Thank you to Olive Horning and Linda Syrek for coordinating this effort. The changes are reflected in the articles below, indicated in red.

For a full copy of the constitution, click here.

Article IV Officers and Directors
The board of directors shall consist of the four above named officers, by virtue of their office, and the immediate Past President for a term of one year. In addition, four adult directors shall be elected at the annual meeting to represent different areas of Sylvia Lake development. Two directors shall be elected each year, each to serve for a term of two years. The total number of board members shall then be nine.

Article V - Standing Committees
Navigation Committee
To advise and publicize to the campers and the public the proper use of all watercraft and all use of the lake for recreation. To include marking hazards, encouraging boat registrations, and reporting unsafe and illegal activity. To promote and publicize safety and boating courses for youth and adults. To promote education about New York State boating laws, noise levels and water safety.

Nominating Committee
To select a slate of officers and directors to be presented for election at the August annual meeting.

Article VII Meetings
The spring meeting shall be held in June of each year prior to the summer season. The summer meeting shall be held the second Friday in August or by a date selected by the Board of Directors. The time and place of these meetings shall be selected by the President. Special meetings of the association may be held on the call of the President, and shall be called and held upon the written request of five or more board members. Standing and Special committees shall meet on the call of their respective chairperson.

Article VIII Amendments
This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and eligible to vote at any regular meeting, or special meeting called on notice to consider such amendment.