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Indian Head Jumping - September 1, 2008 - Labor Day Weekend

As summer fades, we all remember those perfect summer moments. The quiet sunset or some wild, unrestrained laughter. Today I received these photos from Susan Knappertz. Her family spends time at Sylvia Lake in the Neuroth cottage and participates in all the Sylvia Lake traditions. She wrote, "This is our 4th visit to Sylvia Lake and each year the kids say, 'I can't wait to come back next year!' "

This landmark, Indian Head, is a special place to everyone who love Sylvia Lake. As the lake has changed, residents have tried to protect Indian Head. The property was once part of a wood lot for the Wight family's farm on Balmat Road. For years, access to Sylvia Lake via Indian Head was totally unrestricted.

Now, however, all the property around the lake is privately owned. If going by land, visitors must walk (hopefully quietly and with permission) across yards and driveways to get to the lake.

Although many have jumped from Indian Head Rock, not everyone knows that the rock is part of property owned by the Kraker family. Thanks to their generosity, this land has been placed in a private trust, so Indian Head will always be an undeveloped part of Sylvia Lake’s unique landscape.


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