Every summer season I find myself with lots of snapshots. This season, I'll be taking my usual pictures, I receive digital photos from people around the lake, and Casey Lockwood has agreed to take pictures around the lake.

So there should be no shortage of snapshots this summer. Check back to this page regularly to see the latest.


Deer photos, 6/21, by Joe Lacks



Marie Sullivan writes: Another nice fish from
Sylvia Lake caught by our granddaughter,
Brittany's boyfriend, Joey, last evening.

PS: I forgot to tell you, our family do the "catch and release" so the fish is out there for someone else.

...a few days later...

Not to be outdone, here's Brittany with a catch of her own. "This is an 18" large mouth bass that she caught last night. " (July 25)

Gale Ferguson writes: I imagine a lot of the signs at Sylvia Lake have a little story behind them.

ferg signThe upside down & backwards letters draw attention and we like to tell folks that it is "right reading" when it reflects in the water.


The one adorning Ferguson's "Mortgage Manor" is made from real printers type. 540 Point wooden type used a century ago for large posters and banners.

ferg sign

(The sign has been flipped horizontally and vertically.)


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