Once again, the Sylvia Lake community, and the entire North Country, is faced with tent and forest tent caterpillars. Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors, we have contracted with the Duflo Aerial Spray Company to apply BTK for a third year.

Bacillus Thuringiensis subspecis Kurstaki crystals (an organic material, not chemical) will be sprayed from an airplane in an application of 80-100 microns (about the size of hair spray). When the worms ingest these spores, they lose interest in eating and die. BTK is considered friendly to human beings as well as other species of animals. BTK is only toxic to caterpillar larvae and must be eaten by them to be effective.


updated dePLANE! dePLANE!

(I'm wondering if that reference is too dated now... But, if you think THAT reference is dated,
Lea just likened Jeff Duflo to "Sky King." That takes me back. Learn more about Sky King...)


June 7, 2006-

The spraying happened this morning. Now all that's left is to wait to sweep up the bodies. At the very least, there should be fewer of the worms to turn into moths to go lay eggs and infest the woods next year.

Lea had a conversation with Tom Beschle of the DEC and was informed that the current infestation is the largest seen in 50 years. It stretches from Cortland County to Massena. There will be 600,000 acres sprayed in New York State this year. Our woods and watershed is in pretty good condition, considering. We should be proud of our community's committment to action.

And thanks to our own Sky King, Jeff Duflo, Duflo Spray Chemical Company in New Bremen, NY.



May 11, 2006- The trees have new leaves, I really believe that spraying has made a difference and protected our trees. Because we have sprayed for the two previous years, we have observed that there are not as many tent caterpillar nests in the trees. We have seen lots crawling on the trees. They are in clumps, like they can't decide which way to go.

May 23, 2006- No news about spraying, but Lea spoke to Duflo yesterday. Weather has grounded the plane and we need a stretch of days without rain after he sprays. Rain will wash the BTK from the leaves. In the meantime, Read a caterpillar story from today's North Country This Week.

May 29, 2006- It's Memorial Day. Association officers have gotten a number of phone calls from Sylvia Lake property owners, wanting to know when the spraying will occur. Each caller got the same message, "Everything depends on weather and Duflo Spraying's schedule. We are on the schedule and the weather must cooperate with two or three days of no rain after the spraying. If the spraying happens and it rains, it will be wasted, washed away. Stay tuned. There will be an announcement on the website on the day of the spray. They will phone the night before...

May 30, 2006- Lea talked to Renee Duflo this morning. Jeff has been very busy, obviously. We are on the schedule for the first week in June, weather permitting. The notice has been put in the newspaper. Signs will go on the trees today.

The three photos below were taken on , May 11, 2006.

bugs01 bugs02 bugs03
Read the letter sent to the community.
Story about the North Country caterpillar infestation from WWNY-TV


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