The Sylvia Lake’s watershed has lost hundreds perhaps thousands of trees over the last 10 plus years...

Microburst, ice storm, pests, logging, power lines, and property owner’s constructions projects have taken their toll on our forests.

220 trees have been picked up from the SLC Soil and Water Conservation District. Lea Dickson has agreed to serve as the tree farmer while the program gets organized. Thank you to Lea and to Faye Lockwood for organizing this Reforestation Project.

Call Lea at 287-4043
to order or reserve your trees.
First come...first served.


$3.00 Each

White Pine
Scotch Pine
Hybrid Poplar
Sugar Maple
Red Maple
Native Birch
Burr Oak
White Ash



$5.00 Each

Black Cherry
Black Walnut
Balsam Fir
Purple Lilac

baby trees


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