Close up of the latest blemish on Indian Head

It doesn't matter if you own property at Sylvia Lake, or just visit, everyone knows about Indian Head. This land, the actual rock, is owned by the Kraker family. In years past, the land around Indian Head had no houses. Local people came to Sylvia Lake to swim and jump off Indian Head without tresspassing on private property.

Things are different now, all the land around Indian Head is privately owned and people live there year round.

This Fall, 2006, some changes have occurred to Indian Head. There is no way of knowing if the changes are natural, or a result of human intervention. Decide for yourself.

Below are two photos. The first, taken by Jodi Hatch, of Wintergreen Bay, shows Indian Head late in the summer 2006. The second photo was taken by Gale Ferguson on Saturday, October 21, 2006. See the change?

The message is that we are all responsible for preserving the beauty and natural resources of Sylvia Lake, whether you are a property owner or a visitor. We all hope Indian Head continues to be a valuable landmark at Sylvia for years to come.



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