Memorial DaySylvia Lake Snapshots
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Beautiful Memorial Day at the Lake

Fishing was only one activity.

People are out on their docks...

Indian Head is ready for new jumpers.

Another beauty shot of Indian Head

The Perry's new pontoon boat...

The Pistolesi/Perry/Allen party.

Another pontoon boat...

...and another

...and yet, another.

Lea Dickson watches as Frank and Greg
Langevin prepare her father's cannon.

Father and son prepare the traditional firing of
the Dickson cannon to launch summer.

Greg Langevin does the honors...

We thought of Mario Pistolesi, who would
have fired off his cannon, in return...

We had a sunny day all day...but
also had a rainbow at the end.

A beautiful sunset was a perfect end to a
beautiful day. (pic by Gale Ferguson)


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