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2016 Association Dues


1....... Sally McAllaster (Mrs. Joseph) 7....... Ronnie Dievendorf (Mrs. Charles)
2....... Anna Van Slyke (Mrs. W. Barton) 8....... Peg Hanlon (Mrs. George)
3....... Joan Taylor (Mrs. Norton) 9....... Joan Houston (Mrs. John)
4....... Dorothy Dodds (Mrs. Alexander) 10....... Barbara Adam (Mrs. Howard)
5....... Marylou Hutt (Mrs. Ernest) 11....... Shirley Wade (Mrs. Robert)
6....... Barbara Van Slyke Anderson    

We had a breakthrough... in the person of #2, Anna Van Slyke, with help from her husband, Bart. All of the women were identified shortly after the photo was taken. Their names were written on the back of the Van Slyke's copy of the picture and, of course, Ann was a participant.

Also on the back of their copy of the photo, they wrote that the picture was taken on Dorothy (Mrs. James) Kraker's dock by photographer Ruth (Mrs. Angus) MacQueen. They also surmised that Dorothy was back in the camp making lunch for everyone.

Barbara's husband, Howard Adam, was employed by Gouverneur Talc. Shirley's husband, Robert Wade was employed by Cives. Barbara Anderson (Bart's sister) was visiting from Arizona.

Since Ann and Bart had identified everyone back in 1958, they photo has become the "final word."

Thank you to the Van Slyke family for helping reclaim/rename these women.


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